• Question: I really like to design mechanisms, what is your advice.

    Asked by Oliver to Rob on 22 May 2020.
    • Photo: Rob Hudd

      Rob Hudd answered on 22 May 2020:

      Hi Oliver, as with most things in engineering start simple. Take a look at things that other people have designed, perhaps by watching YouTube videos or disassembling real products (if it’s safe and you have permission to do so) so you can start to build a link between *what* is achieved and *how* it’s achieved in that product. Next you might want to try experimenting yourself. Complex mechanisms can be built from products like Lego Technic but some simple linkages can even just be modeled with just cardboard and drawing pins. (Some CAD software can model mechanisms but this can get very complicated). After experimenting, to take it to the next level you’ll need an understanding of forces, moments, Newton’s Laws of motion and other topics you’ll cover in physics. I hope this is helpful 🙂