• Question: How long did you have to train to become an engineer

    Asked by anon-74596 to Amber on 18 May 2020.
    • Photo: Amber Villegas - Williamson

      Amber Villegas - Williamson answered on 18 May 2020:

      Hiya this is a great question and it’s important to remember that my journey / someone else’s journey may be completely different to yours.

      For me I went to uni after A-Levels/AS-Levels and completed a bachelors in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. It took me 4 years to do a 3 year degree course as during my second year my granddad passed away so I missed a few exams.

      Since leaving uni I have worked continuously in various engineering roles for different companies which I’ve enjoyed and gained skills/knowledge/friends along the way. All the roles I’ve had have been connected to Data Centers so now my focus is 100% on them.