• Question: Why did you become a civil engineer?

    Asked by anon-74596 to Asha on 20 May 2020.
    • Photo: Asha Panchal

      Asha Panchal answered on 20 May 2020:

      Hi Ada, that’s a really good question especially when there are so many different types of engineering out there.
      For me, sustainability is really important and the construction/building industry generate about 40% of all carbon emissions globally; now that’s a LOT! But then again civil engineering infrastructure, like schools, hospitals, roads, airports, water treatment networks and systems, tunnels, dams and reservoirs are all needed to help society grow… being a civil engineer means I can strike a balance between helping society but also doing everything I can to protect the environment for future generations.
      On top of that, civil engineering projects are normally quite big and can last for hundreds of years so its always great to be part of a legacy.
      It’s a great industry to be in because there’s a place for everyone… you can be a designer drawing up solutions, or you could be site-based and making sure things are being built safely and correctly. There is even an option to be a consultant which is someone who does a bit of both. It really is fantastic and everyday brings a new challenge so you’ll never get bored!