• Question: why and how did you choose to study Structural Engineering and Architecture over a more general degree such as maths or physics?

    Asked by anon-74964 to Selina on 7 Jul 2020.
    • Photo: Selina Rai

      Selina Rai answered on 7 Jul 2020:

      Hi Emma – that’s a great question! I chose to study Structural Engineering and Architecture because I had a fascination with the built environment. I used to pore over architectural websites and images online – I thought it was so cool that you could design these buildings and spaces for the community to use.

      At school, I loved the thrill of solving problems in my maths and science classes and enjoyed thinking critically to reach solutions. I also had a creative side to me and particularly developed a flair for drawing/sketching buildings in my art class.

      When I was choosing what and where I wanted to study, this course was the only course in the UK that would allow me to be either a Structural Engineer or an Architect. This was because it’s “accredited” by all the relevant institutions. That’s why I decided to study it 🙂