• Question: What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

    Asked by anon-74921 on 9 Jul 2020.
    • Photo: Ross Hall

      Ross Hall answered on 9 Jul 2020:

      First time I went offshore in a helicopter was a bit scary. I didn’t know what to expect and was on my own for the full trip.

      Looking back, there was nothing to be worried about. Oil and Gas is a very safe industry with a lot of regulations in place to keep people safe.

    • Photo: Tom Rooney

      Tom Rooney answered on 9 Jul 2020:

      When I was in the Royal Navy I found myself in some really scary situations including; two Gulf wars, sailing through a full-blown hurricane in the mid Atlantic, jumping out of a helicopter and sliding down a 30m rope with nothing but leather gloves to stop me before hitting the ground, or helping change the speed sensor on a ships hull from inside while the ship was still at sea (you have to pull the unit out of the gland and quickly get a blanking plug back in before too much water comes in, then do it again with the new unit… and you’re in a space in the bowels of a 4000tonne ship so small you can’t stand up!). All these things scared the life out of me when I did them, but they taught me that fear can be controlled and overcome. So when I had to give a keynote speech to a conference of over 300 marine technology experts in Galway Ireland a few years ago, despite being the scariest thing I’ve ever done, I controlled the fear, prepared well and nailed it!

    • Photo: Douglas Wragg

      Douglas Wragg answered on 9 Jul 2020:

      Going under the floor of a London balck cab whilst it was being driven, to listen for noises in the back axle final drive!!!
      It rather concentrated the mind!!
      I am not sure that I would do it again!!

    • Photo: David Shaw

      David Shaw answered on 9 Jul 2020:

      Scariest career moment was making the choice to leave a very stable secure job in drilling fluids to join another company early in my career. The unknown was very daunting but it was the best choice I have ever made. If you embrace any opportunity that comes your way and make the most of it you can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to do.

      I also agree with Ross Hall, First time offshore is scary as you don’t know if you have packed everything you need and you can’t just pop to the shops to pick something up! I remember lots of googling to find out what others brought with them and what I should bring.

    • Photo: Ahmed AL AMERI

      Ahmed AL AMERI answered on 10 Jul 2020:

      Doing Bungee jumping in South Korea was the scariest I ever made.
      However, I would do it again!!

    • Photo: Kevin Burke

      Kevin Burke answered on 10 Jul 2020:

      Taking a taxi in Latvia from the airport into the city. It was very cold -22 degrees. After 10 minutes drive the taxi pulled onto the hard shoulder of the motorway and the driver got out to remove the burning oily rag from under the engine – the driver had put it there earlier to thaw out the engine – but had forgotten all about it!

      Scariest bit was I then had to sit for another 20 minutes wondering what other potential disaster was about to occur.

    • Photo: Marcus Kay

      Marcus Kay answered on 10 Jul 2020:

      Went on a haunted house tour in Glasgow with people from work. Never really believed in ghosts, but it was quite scary – the tour guides said that none of the noises were made up, but we’re real.

    • Photo: Francis Batchelor

      Francis Batchelor answered on 10 Jul 2020:

      Maybe not the ‘on paper’ scariest thing ever, but the time I think I felt the strongest emotion of being scared would be going on my first roller-coaster when I was younger. My friends got me through the nervousness, and actually it was fine in the end, I loved it and immediately wanted to go again.

    • Photo: Tom Stewart-Brackenridge

      Tom Stewart-Brackenridge answered on 13 Jul 2020:

      The scariest thing for me is meeting with the CEO and chairman of big racing teams with the F1 industry and selling your idea and design to them to make them purchase your product over competitors. Reflecting back now, I worried too much as the product sells itself with its reputation and the customer was beyond made up with the final product and has returned many more times.

    • Photo: Doogie Kenyon

      Doogie Kenyon answered on 14 Jul 2020:

      I have never been scared at work – it’s part of my job to make things safe.

      I have been excited or perhaps apprehensive. I had a very exciting flight to London on my way to Boston on a business trip in February – two aborted landings.

      I have to access the top of a 15m silo on site, which is exciting for sure.

      I also often have to drive a cherry picker (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) in order to access elevated positions. That is lots of fun.

      In my personal life I have been on a quad bike on a hand cut path where my legs were dangling over a 100 foot drop? Does that count?