• Question: What is the best thing about civil engineering?

    Asked by anon-74939 on 1 Jul 2020.
    • Photo: Charlotte Flower

      Charlotte Flower answered on 1 Jul 2020:

      There are lots of great things about civil engineering, but for me, it’s being able to see projects you’ve worked on shaping the world and being used in society by different communities. Civil engineering is all about people and designing and building structures for day to day use, whether that is through providing clean water, enabling people to move about by roads and public transport systems, or designing spaces for people to work and live.

    • Photo: Luke Winch

      Luke Winch answered on 1 Jul 2020:

      There are so many great things about civil engineering. My favourite are;

      We work on big challenges, sometimes huge projects.
      Although it is the oldest form of engineering, there are still so many improvements we can make in civil engineering.
      We have the ability to have the biggest impact on the world around us with the projects we work on.
      Because our work is project based, their is no room for trial and error and we have to make sure everything is right before we build anything.

      Those are just a few things I love about civil engineering but there are loads more!

    • Photo: Chris Bates

      Chris Bates answered on 2 Jul 2020:

      The best thing for me is seeing that you are making a difference to people’s lives. Whether it be a new road, a replacement bridge, an office building, a new water main or any other aspect of civil engineering, the main thing is that they all help people to live better lives. Seeing a project you are involved with being built and then being used is very rewarding.

    • Photo: Rory Shanks

      Rory Shanks answered on 2 Jul 2020:

      For me, it’s the variety of stuff you can do with your career, and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people with their day to day lives, providing them with water, sanitation, energy, roads, railways, buildings and all sorts of other infrastructure systems. Also, applying your skills to problems and then seeing a solution take shape is really rewarding!

    • Photo: Asha Panchal

      Asha Panchal answered on 3 Jul 2020:

      Hi Amon,
      For me the best thing about civil engineering is that the work I do helps hundreds and thousands of people. Without civil engineering projects our society would not be able to grow. But as a civil engineer it is also our responsibility to look after the planet and we have the tools available to really make a difference to the world.

    • Photo: Tom Stewart-Brackenridge

      Tom Stewart-Brackenridge answered on 13 Jul 2020:

      There are many things that I like about civil/structural engineering. The main one being completing a project and having that building/structure or whatever it may be being used by the public in day to day use. My field of work is temporary structures for motorsport and hospitality events so safety and meet regulations are very important, as well as making a good impression for your team. This can only be achieved with well designed and safe structures that keep people safe and look impressive to others!